Challenge no. 4

by | 24 Jan, 2020 | General

Today’s challenge is a sort of revision of what we’ve talked about this week. Take a look at this video, but before you do so, gently rid yourself of any prejudices you may have about the way people look. I know Sadhguru initially comes across as your typical magic-carpet mystic, but he’s a huge inspiration to me, and perhaps even the reason I suddenly came up with the idea of The Spark! A man with an profound intellect, an organisation of 9 million volunteers (no less) and several education, reforestation and village renaissance projects in the poorest parts of India. A speaker at Davos, the UN and just about everywhere else, and a genuine yogi. He’s also witty, approachable and sharp as a tack in his thinking. When you’ve seen the short video, jot down a few notes in your journal on the relevance of the four terms for mind that we’ve studied to your daily life. What difference does it make to know this categorisation?