Time and energy

by | 27 Jan, 2020 | General

In yogic thinking, human life is often seen in terms of two dimensions available to all: time and energy.
The thing is, time is rolling away for all of us at the same pace: old or young, asleep or awake, male or female, black or white, rich or poor. We have no control over it (at least not until time machines become as widespread as mobile phones).
However, our life energies (we being made up of mind, body, emotions and life energies, or “prana”) are very much within our control, through the various ideas and practices we’re beginning to learn about here.
The trick is simple: to get to the end of your life with enough energy to spare, rather than running out of energy while you’ve still got time left. How many old people do you know who have sort of given up, or crumpled? They’ve run out of energy before they’ve run out of time.
Our aim is therefore to do the exact opposite: to run out of time well before we run out of energy. Or more positively put: to have enough energy to spare when time decides to give up on us, as it inevitably will.
I’d rather drop dead one day with all my faculties buzzing than slowly decline into decrepitude or senility (both signs of failing energy and purpose).
And the time to start thinking about working on those energies is today…