Two key tools

by | 29 Jan, 2020 | General

Our aim here is both simple and ambitious. We have a mind, we have a body. They are not us (more on that in tomorrow’s post), but they belong to us. They are both tools, bits of technology. It has always been the understanding in certain cultures that the way we use our mind and body is up to us, not a given, or a fait accompli handed down from the heavens. It follows that there are some people who are using their own minds and bodies to good effect, and others who are using them against themselves, albeit unconsciously. We have probably all done that over time – allowed our own minds to turn against us, and our bodies to rebel. The challenge before us is therefore to begin to understand how both mind and body work, and to inch forward, making tiny improvements. We’re not talking about a flash revelation, about waking up as someone else. But minuscule adjustments, chipping away until our life gives us a feeling of pleasantness. Once we see them as tools, we can begin to learn how to use them better. For that, we need to create a little distance between us and them. Tune in tomorrow for more on the subject!