Jam jars

by | 3 Feb, 2020 | General

Towards the end of last week, we discovered the separateness of the body and the mind from ourselves.
As we’ve said, this begins as a concept, the kind of thing you can nod at, and grasp, if only intellectually. It takes time for it to seep into your blood, your bones, your way of being. But it can happen.
Traditionally, when people sit down to meditate, they have to strain not to think. It’s a bit like when someone says to you “Do NOT think of a purple elephant” and you can think of nothing else. When you try to stifle the mind, it keeps fighting back. Mystics down the ages have talked of the “monkey mind” because of its capacity to keep generating new thoughts, ideas, and images when you’re trying your hardest not to think of anything.
But realising that the mind is not you puts an end to the struggle. The mind can go on thinking – that’s what it does. But by creating a little space between you and it, it’s as if you’re putting it in a big jam jar, like a bee, and firmly screwing the lid on. Then taking that jam jar into a forest and hurling it into a thicket. It’s still buzzing, but you’re a long way away. Then put your body in another jar and leave it behind.
The “mantra” ‘I am not the body, I am not even the mind’ might just help anchor that and help the idea on its journey from assent to assimilation, from endorsement to embodiment.
Imagine what’s left as a quiet clearing, full of light.
Now why not return to this week’s challenge and see if you can do it in this new light?