One with everything

by | 25 Feb, 2020 | General

We began to touch, before the break, on the idea of “oneness”. As I’ve mentioned before, the word “yoga” itself means “union”, and the whole point of all these postures and breathing techniques is not in fact fitness or even flexibility, but alignment with the energies of the cosmos itself. At least in its original form, as it was first conceived of millennia ago.
And that idea oneness is of course reflected in every world religion – an idea to which we’ll return.
But rather than a belief of course, oneness is an experience. I can remember having tiny glimpses of this all the way back to my childhood – a feeling of being united with everyone around me. Those experiences stand out – I had it in Chicago airport once, and on a fairly frequent basis since becoming more aware that it was a thing.
Is this something you’ve ever felt? A sudden dissolution of boundaries – a feeling of encompassing not only the person in front of you but the entire world?