The search for freedom

by | 5 Feb, 2020 | General

We saw last week how our body and our minds are essentially accumulations of food and impressions. And that living a fuller life at least to some extent, lies in moving beyond our body and mind to experience a state that’s less confined: one that’s not narrowly tied to a single person, or a single identity. It’s the state the Indian tradition has long described as “chitta”.
So in fact we’re in search of the boundless. Of freedom.
What lies beyond the physical is of course spiritual.
Imagine you were locked in a 5mx5m cell for a week, then taken to a cell that was10mx10m. Initially you’d feel freer, but then you’d soon became aware of the limits again. Even if the cell was doubled, or the walls flattened, but a barbed-wire fence stood in the distance, you’d start to feel imprisoned once more.
And this applies to everyone on the planet.
The only difference is that most people long unconsciously for that freedom, and seek all kinds of solutions to provide it, from shopping to drinking and from sex to drugs.
We, on the other hand, are making it a conscious pursuit.